Let’s Do Freedom! (sm*)

Come view past Freedom Sessions, read about what a Freedom Session is and take a brave step into honoring your body AS IT IS.

Fear is definitely an obstacle for us all. We’re afraid of what the camera will reveal, of how awkward it is to be photographed, of what other people will think when they see our photos and of not being perfect enough. We wait for the right moment – when our thighs have shrunk, when that last belly roll has dissolved, when our skin clears up, when we look the way we think we should look. But that moment may never come. We are wasting our moments, hiding behind fear and self contempt. And, speaking from experience, we’re missing out on life.

This is what a Freedom Session is for. It isn’t meant to “fix” you. It is meant to release you from that first hurdle of fear; to enable you to move forward in embracing the intricate creation that is your body. A Freedom Session is a baptism of sorts. It is the public declaration that we are making the choice to be free; to seek help and to learn to love what we’ve been given. We leave the muddy banks behind us, immerse ourselves in the cold, clean water and come out the other side, refreshed and encouraged.

Are you ready to jump in? Are you ready to do it – even though you’re afraid? You ARE this strong, friend. Let’s do it.