Nicole Freedom Session [sm*]

Nicole and I have been bffs since that awkward age of 12 years old. Which means we have definitely done “photoshoots” before. We were absolutely those weird girls who got dressed up and took photos of each other. And, yes, those photos are under lock and key – good for a giggle, but never for public viewing. Ever. These photos however are stunning and should be shared!

Nic came in from Cali for a short visit and asked for a Freedom Session. You know I jumped on that! Not only did we have so much fun, but editing them was awesome for me. I love her. She is brave, beautiful and consistent. She is a fabulous mother, a courageous wife and a steadfast friend. She may not feel free yet, but freedom is coming for her. This photo shoot was a spiritual marker for her – it was her way of acting opposite. She found the strength to do something that terrified her and the results were radiant.

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